Larson Baer is the art couple Freya Larson and Rollo Baer. They have made art together for decades, having met as artists in 1964. They both studied with Frederic Thurz of New York, Fred Sauls of Los Angeles, Joan Brown of San Francisco and Will Nelson of San Jose, and both have Masters Degrees in Studio Art from San Jose State and Rollo has an MFA. They were artists in the Haight Ashbury of San Francisco in the 1960s and in Christiania of Copenhagen, Denmark. For 6 years in the 1970s they had the first and best known artists' loft gallery in the middle of the SoHo art district in New York City, the large storefront gallery at 475 Broome Street. 

    In New York they exhibited their artwork at the Una North Gallery and other galleries, collaborated with the John Gibson Gallery on their conceptual art, and worked with Ivan Karp, LawArt, Leo Castelli, and Robert Hughes. They were featured artists in the SoHo News, New Yorker Magazine, a New York TV News article, Art News, the New York Times and Downbeat. They received an Osher grant for an exhibition. They have artwork on permanent exhibit at Ammer in Krangede Sweden and in many private collections.

    They now live in The Artists Village across from Poets Park in the Beach Flats of Santa Cruz, California.

Artists' Statement:  These recent artworks are gestural forms sculpted in bas relief from redwood and painted in oil paint.




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